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A person holding a blue Bulflrog bottle with a tree in the background A person holding a blue Bulflrog bottle with a tree in the background



Let's replace harmful plastic bottles with high quality, reusable products that align with a sustainable future.

Our vision at Bullfrog is championing the use of reusable products, whether that be through our ultra-slick 500ml water bottles, our recycled coffee cups or our recycled materials apparel. We believe that if we all work together, we can all make a difference and finally end the use of single use plastics.

A blue, green and red Bullfrog bottle placed on a tree trunk


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Family at our core

A business born from the Roman Spa City of Bath

Founded by Jon Brown in 2020, Bullfrog has family running through it’s core. From Jon, his wife Lisa and their four amazing children having had a hand in naming the first range of 12 water bottles (we defy any adult to come up with Bojangles!), through to creating a virtual family of local Bath businesses to produce their standout branding, imagery and website, family is at the backbone of all things Bullfrog. Driven by hard work, honesty and making the world a better place, these values power the heartbeat that drives us every day.

A turquoise Bullfrog Bottle beside a weir